Expat Facebook Groups

While paperwork and bureaucracy hasn’t gotten any easier for expats over the years, the ability to connect and network with others in the know has become very easy. Facebook groups make that so. If you’re not already linked up with Toulouse area Facebook groups, you should be. Continue reading Expat Facebook Groups

10 Reasons to Join Americans in Toulouse

Americans in Toulouse (AIT) has been sharing the good life with members for the last three decades, so that in itself can attest to the success of this club. Whether you’re American or not, AIT welcomes you! This is an international English-speaking expatriate service and social organization aimed to help those visiting or living in Toulouse assimilate with ease. Check the  Guide Book Introduction for more background information about the club.

Keep reading to discover (or rediscover) the benefits of being a part of Americans in Toulouse.  Continue reading 10 Reasons to Join Americans in Toulouse