Expat Facebook Groups

While paperwork and bureaucracy hasn’t gotten any easier for expats over the years, the ability to connect and network with others in the know has become very easy. Facebook groups make that so. If you’re not already linked up with Toulouse area Facebook groups, you should be. Many of these groups have hundreds of members with questions, answers, recommendations, and support for English speakers living in the area.

AIT has been more and more active in the last year with regular monthly meet ups and communication. However, the Americans in Toulouse Facebook group is just starting out with about 80 members and some occasional posts. We invite you to join our page and get the commentary and network rolling.

After you check out our Facebook group, browse around the other expat Facebook groups in the region. Below is a list the most active and helpful English speaking Facebook Groups in the Toulouse area (and beyond).Once your request to join has been accepted by the administrator, you’re free to post questions and comments (within the guidelines of group) and see what others are posting. Perhaps, you’ll be able to offer support and advice, too.

Please note that these groups are mainly forums to exchange information (in English), pose questions, and buy/sell items. People do occasionally organize meet ups in some of the groups, but socializing is not the main reason for these groups. The names of these groups pretty much explain what they are. You can visit the group’s page and read more information about the group before deciding to click “Join.”

For Regional English Chit Chat and Inquiries check out :

– Toulouse Area English Speaking Forum  has about 4,100 members and multiple posts per day.
– Toulouse Expats has about 2,600 members and about 1 post per day. 
– Occitanie: Anything & Everything has about 1,800 members and several posts per day.
– Internationals, Expats and Erasmus in Toulouse has about 730 members and 2 posts per day.
– Expat Ladies in Toulouse has about 380 members and a few posts per week.
– English Speakers on the East Side of Toulouse has about 170 members and a few posts per week.

For Toulouse Area English Speaking Parents check out :

– English Speaking Mums in Occitanie has about 325 members and several posts per week. This is a private group, which means you can only be added by an existing member. If you’d like to be added, send a Facebook message with your email address to AIT member (AIT’s current blogger) Alicia Arnaud and she’ll give you the hook up.
– Nanny NouNou in Toulouse has about 295 members and several posts per month.
– Baby & Children’s Items For Sale In Toulouse has about 1,100 members and 1 post per day.
– Baby and Children’s Items for Sale in Toulouse and Surrounding Areas has about 300 members and several posts per week.

For Toulouse Area Buy & Sell Groups check out :

– For Sale, Swap, Giveaway and Wanted in Toulouse and surrounding area has about 5,560 members and multiple posts per day.

For More Expats in France Groups check out :

– Americans in France has about 5,700 members and several posts per day.
– Expat Life in France has about 5,400 members and more than 10 posts per day.
– Expats in France has about 2,300 members and 2 posts per day.
– American Expats in France has about 1,500 members and a few posts per day.

Please comment below if you know of other helpful Facebook groups for living in France.