10 Reasons to Join Americans in Toulouse

Americans in Toulouse (AIT) has been sharing the good life with members for the last three decades, so that in itself can attest to the success of this club. Whether you’re American or not, AIT welcomes you! This is an international English-speaking expatriate service and social organization aimed to help those visiting or living in Toulouse assimilate with ease. Check the  Guide Book Introduction for more background information about the club.

Keep reading to discover (or rediscover) the benefits of being a part of Americans in Toulouse. 

1. Network

AIT Members all have varying stories of what brought them to Toulouse. With such diverse backgrounds and experiences in our group, you can pretty much find a contact for everything during your stay in Toulouse and beyond. Whether it’s doctor recommendations, babysitter contacts, day trip ideas, Visa help, or shopping tips, AIT has you covered. AIT also links up with other expat groups in the area, so that expands everyone’s opportunity to network.

2. English 

Here, everyone is welcome (native and non-native speakers of English), but English is the language we use in our group for emails, meet ups, events, forums, and blogging. For some, the opportunity to relax and speak their mother tongue in a foriegn land is such a treat. Treat yourself! Let that accent shine and please share all those English jokes you’ve been bottling up.

3. Community

There may not be an Olive Garden in Toulouse, but when you’re here (with AIT) you’re family. Whatever our background is, we’ve all probably shared a lot of the same struggles, triumphs, and confusion of expat life. Americans in Toulouse don’t want you to feel like an outsider for being an expat. Here, it’s our interest in American culture and expat life that keeps our community together.

4. Events 

We offer connections, support and exchange of information through educational, social  and cultural events. Our board members plan and coordiante monthly events for our members. Events range from free events like pot lucks and walking tours to events with an additional charge like  wine tastings and out of town trips. In addition to those, you can always count on meeting up at our monthly Happy Hour. It’s free to attend and open to non-members, just pay for what you eat/drink. There, if you sign up to be a member, you’ll get a voucher for a free drink at the next Happy Hour event. Side note: Kids are welcome, too!

5. Discounts

After joining and paying your annual membership fee (20€ for individuals and 30€ for households), you’ll be offered a discounted rate to all events that require a payment. You’ll also have priority to our events that have limited space.

6. Friends

Along with growing your network and being a part of a community, you’ll make friends in AIT. Friends you can look forward to seeing outside of AIT events. Friends you can travel with. Friends you can lean on, and friends you will keep in touch with when your paths are no longer connected in Toulouse. Your potential new friends consist of families, couples, and individuals from all walks of life.

7. Celebrations

While there are a lot of public holidays in France, Independence Day and American Thanksgiving are not among them. As a member of AIT, you can rock your Halloween costume at a party, share a turkey at a Thanksgiving dinner, and BBQ on the 4th of July. AIT brings comforts of the U.S. to the holidays in Toulouse.

8.) Opportunities

Along with meeting new people, AIT offers opportunities to learn and try new things like cooking French cuisine. You can also have the opportunity to volunteer and give back to the local community. There is also opportunity to have your hands on planning AIT events and being a member of the AIT board. Being a member of AIT means you have the opportunity to give, take, and make what you want with this group.

9. Culture

Are you worried about being caught up in too much American culture and only going to burger restaurants for meet ups? Don’t be! AIT embraces all cultures. We aim to offer a range of opportunities and events to satisfy the palate of a global citizen.  Have an idea for bringing more culture to AIT? Share it with us!

10. Members Only Forum 

As a member of AIT, you’ll be invited to join a members’‐only Facebook page forum for advice, contacts and support. Staying connected has never been easier!

Have more questions about being an AIT member?Contact membership@americansintolouse.com for more information.