AIT is Blogging!

Coucou! We’re going to try something new, something more interactive, something easier to maintain, and something you’ll (hopefully) enjoy more, a blog!

For the past few years, AIT volunteers have scrambled to produce a monthly electronic newsletter for it’s members chocked full of useful bits of info, regular columns, and fancy layout. Nice, right? Yes, but far too much for one person to maintain. With time spent gathering info, writing, and sending, some key points and updates were bound to be left out. Also, let’s be honest. Who actually has the time to sit back and read through a whole newsletter these days?

With this blog, we want to give you quick, fun reads on topics that appeal to English speaking expats in Toulouse, both new and old. We want to keep everyone in the loop about planning upcoming events and share recaps of past events. We want to know everyone’s must haves and go tos in Toulouse along with the fuhgeddaboudits.

We want all our members to be in the know, represented, and continuously excited to be living in this fine city of Toulouse, even when you’re fed up that you can’t get a decent donut here or when you’re homesick for Christmas caroling. The AIT Blog wants to be there for you!

With an experienced writer on the team, we’re excited to use some investigative journalism skills to bring our members the very best of what they need and want with the new AIT Blog.

Because we want this to be more inclusive, we need to hear from our members about the kind of content they want to see.

Seasoned Members:

  • What did you love about the newsletters from the past?
  • What was missing?
  • What could be left out?


  • What are you looking for as a member of AIT?

Continue to check back for new posts! We’ll continue to pose questions, too. Please leave your comments below. To further encourage participation, we will enter your name in monthly drawings for free drink vouchers at our Happy Hour events for every comment you leave on our blog (this entry and others).