AIT International Club

English-speaking ex-pats living and sharing the good life in Toulouse, France

Welcome to the website of the AIT International Club (AIT I/C), originally called the Americans-in-Toulouse Club when inaugurated in 1987.

The AIT I/C is a non-profit, English-speaking expatriate social organization. The club is run exclusively by volunteers and welcomes families, couples and individuals of all nationalities living in or visiting the Toulouse area whatever their length of stay.

AIT I/C fosters friendships, offers support and exchanges useful information for those living in the Greater Toulouse area, in order to ease their assimilation into a new country, city, language, culture and job. Whether on relocation or permanent residency, our goal is to help each member enjoy to the fullest their host community as well as to provide educational, social and cultural experiences. The club’s membership is now truly international in composition.

The AIT I/C is also part of the European-wide Association of American Clubs (AAC), which permits our traveling members to attend associate AAC-member club meetings / events in Europe and around the world.

We publish a monthly electronic newsletter for our members exclusively. The public may access our excellent Guidebook, which contains a wealth of practical information for Newcomers to assimilate effectively into their new country of residence. Our Guidebook is accessible, from this page, by links to all the sections listed on the vertical sidebar to the left of your screen.

Also on the vertical sidebar, notice the Forum button that will link you to our chatroom where members can dialog on a variety of subjects. The forum also contains useful up-to-date information in its Coping in France thread, but this informative thread is open only to Club members. Forum perusal is free to the public but only AIT I/C members who subscribe to it may post there.

Registered Members: If you’re an AIT I/C current member, please first subscribe to a Forum account, if you haven’t already done so. Make sure you use the same e-mail address to subscribe to the forum as the one given on your AIT I/C membership form. To do so, seek the forum registration button on the Forum’s home page in the upper right hand corner. Note that you specify your own password, the system does not prescribe one.

Then, the same login (username/password) can be used to enter the member area (you can link to it by employing the Member Area button on the sidebar as well), where you can access the Member Directory and update your information.