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3: France & Toulouse

The official name for France is La République Française. France is the largest country in Europe and covers an area smaller than the size of the state of Texas and a little more than twice the size of New Zealand. There are approximately 60 million French, 10 million of whom live in Paris. France’s last king, Louis-Philippe, abdicated in 1848. The head of state is the President who is elected every five years in a general election. The current President is Nicholas SARKOZY (UMP) who was elected in 2007. France is divided into 95 departments, each having a name and a number. This number is present in the last two digits of a car’s license plate and in the first two digits of every code postal (postal code). Continue reading 3: France & Toulouse

16: University & Adult Learning


There are many universities throughout France where a three-year course (license) is equivalent to the American Bachelor of Arts/Science degree. There are also 2-year (DEUG) and 4-year (maîtrise) diplomas. Entrance requirements are particular to each establishment, often by examination, either directly or after the Bac or, often, after one or many years of further study. Some establishments and careers require French nationality that may not necessarily be readily obtainable. This may limit the choice of study and career. It is important to verify the quality and official value of diplomas offered. Costs and dates of enrollment can vary tremendously. Les Grandes Écoles are the most prestigious higher education institutions. Most specialize in engineering, business, or political science. Continue reading 16: University & Adult Learning

17: Pets


Traveling with pets is less of a problem than most people think. Bringing your pet to France is relatively painless, if you follow the general guidelines for transferring a pet from one country to another. Some countries have pet travel services that will do all the paperwork and transferring for you. This service would transport your pet (including the picking up of the pet from a kennel in the departure county) if you wish to settle-in before your pet arrives. For those who will make arrangements themselves, the following guidelines should help. Continue reading 17: Pets