How to advertise in the AIT Newsletter
The AIT Newsletter is currently sent out once a month and read by about 150 individuals in an electronic format. Here follows all the information needed to advertise within our Newsletter. Should you have questions not covered here, however, please email the Newsletter Editor [newsletter(at) — insert at-sign].

1) AIT Monthly Newsletter – Paid ads

1.1) Advertisements in the AIT newsletter are currently offered in these sizes:

1/8-page ads (90mm x 65mm),

Half-page ads,

Full-page ads, and


1.2) To place an advertisement in the AIT monthly newsletter: Submit ad copy within the text of the email AND as a .pdf attachment, all graphics used must be sent as separate files to the Newsletter Editor, Todd Newman (newsletter(at); insert at-sign).

It is possible to send an ad as a .doc, but again all items must be included as separate attachments: text and graphics. This is to prevent incompatibility between computer systems.

The deadline is the 18th of the month prior to which the ad is to run. (For instance, deadline for the December Newsletter is November 18th.) Ad content may be sent by mail to the Newsletter Editor (Todd Newman, 6 ave d’Expert, 31490 Leguevin). There is usually no Newsletter in August.

1.2.1) It is possible to have an ad designed based on text sent to the editor. Please include any expectations and ideas. If you want to preview the ad prior to placement in the newsletter, you must act accordingly, i.e., state your wish and send it in EARLY. The newsletter editor will let you know what the current time-constraints and possibilities are.

1.3) Advertising Fees:

1/8-page ad (90mm x 65mm): members 15 euros, non-members 25 euros;

1/2-page ad: members 30 euros, non-members 40 euros;

Full-page ad: members 40 euros, non-members 50 euros.

1.4) Checks are made out to ‘AIT International Club’ and should be sent to:

David SARGENT, AIT Treasurer
13 chemin de Puntous
31140 Saint-Loup-ammas

Note that the check must be received BEFORE the ad will be published.

1.5) Ads are subject to editing at the discretion of the President and Newsletter Editor.

2) AIT Monthly Newsletter – Classifieds

2.1) The classified advertising section is a free service for the first 100 words to AIT members. 10 euros after that. Non-members: 10 euros.

2.2) To place a classified ad, please send it within the text of an email to ‘newsletter(at)’ (insert at-sign) The format should be a run-on, i.e. no line breaks and text is separated by commas or periods.

The deadline is the 18th of the month prior to which the ad is to run. I.e., the deadline for the December Newsletter is November 18th. Any classified ad submissions by mail should be sent directly to the Newsletter Editor (Todd Newman, 28 rue d’albret, 31490 LEGUEVIN).

2.3) Classified ads are subject to approval and editing at the discretion of the President and Newsletter Editor.

You can pay for your ads with PayPal on the Advertising page (accessed by means of the left-hand side tool-bar). The address to use for this purpose is treasurer(at) (insert at-sign). Or use this form:

Amount: €15.00 1/8 page ad, member €25.00 1/8 page ad, non-member €30.00 1/2 page ad, member €40.00 1/2 page ad, non-member €40.00 full-page ad, member €50.00 full-page ad, non-member €0.00 Classified, member €10.00 Classified >100words, member €10.00 Classified, non-member