17: Pets


Traveling with pets is less of a problem than most people think. Bringing your pet to France is relatively painless, if you follow the general guidelines for transferring a pet from one country to another. Some countries have pet travel services that will do all the paperwork and transferring for you. This service would transport your pet (including the picking up of the pet from a kennel in the departure county) if you wish to settle-in before your pet arrives. For those who will make arrangements themselves, the following guidelines should help.

If convenient, make your flying connections through Amsterdam. Our members have found that the airport will care for and walk your pet if need be between flights. It has sort of a “doggy hotel.”

Although each state may differ, Vets in France offer immunizations similar to those in the US. Your French Vet will establish a health record booklet called a “Livret International de Santé.” He will update any shots necessary to French regulation, and USA regulation upon your request.


France is NOT a quarantine country. As a consequence, an animal is not required to be quarantined upon entry in the country.


Bringing your pets to France requires two specific certificattes, each signed by a registered veterinarian:
•    A current rabies vaccination certificate
•    A health certificate issued by the home country within 5 days of departure

These procedures are essentailly the same for all non-quarantine countries, but do check. There is a book outlining pet entry requirements for various countries, which can be available through your veterinarian or shipping company.

France regulation requires pet identification Iin the form of a tattoo in the ear or microchip.  Your Vet may or may not ask you to tattoo or microchip your U.S. pet.


A wide variety of pet food, biscuits, rawhide bones and animal toys are available in most grocery stores, as well as pet shops and hardware stores. Baskets and rugs are also widely available. Supplies can be up to 50% more expensive than in the U S.

Note: fleas (puces) and ticks (tiques) are very prevalent in the Toulouse region, especially in the outlying areas where there are more open spaces. It is a good idea to check your animal regularly. Most Veterinarians, pharmacies, pet shops, and groceries carry flea/tick powder, collars, and shampoo. There is a USA medication for fleas called ‘Program’ available in France. Be sure to use them regularly during the warmer months, and particularly if you take your animal out into tall, dry grass.
Ticks can transmit piroplasme (piroplasmose), similar to Lyme disease (maladie de Lyme). If your dog becomes lethargic, bring him to the Vet as soon as possible for treatment, for the disease acts quickly. Due to their size, larger dogs may be more resistant.
Not all ticks are cause for alarm. Vets have a small plastic, prong-shaped tool that can be slid around and under the tick and twisted. This results in the tick coming out. There are also sprays such as ‘Frontline’ and drops that are applied under the collar for tick treatment.

Lines of caterpillars called “chenilles processionnaires” can be harmful to pets, infants, and children if touched or eaten. Allergic reaction can result in itching or swelling at the area of contact. The caterpillars make their nests (nids) in the late fall in certain types of pine trees, and when mature, are often found crawling along driveways, sidewalks, the house or the yard. Remove and burn the nests from the trees (some lawn service companies will do this), and collect and dispose of the mature caterpillars.


Pets returning to the U.SA. need a current rabies certificate and health certificate signed by a registered Veterinarian. There is no quarantine requirement except for the state of Hawaii, the British Isles, and Australia. Australians can contact their embassy in Paris. See Chapter 26, Foreign Consulates.
As there have been recent changes in the requirements for bringing pets into the United Kingdom, it is suggested to contact the U K Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food – Hook Rise South, Tolworth, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7NF. Tel: +44 181 337 661.
VETERINARIANS (Veterinaires)

There are many Vets in the Toulouse area. The following speak English.
Dr. Christian Debout,  1 Rue Pierre Loti,   PLAISANCE DU TOUCH                Tel:  05 61 07 23 83

Dr. Jean Lesouple,  Blvd de la Marne,  L’iISLE JOURDAIN                             Tel: 05 62 07 01 45

Dr. Frank Famose
Clinique Vétérinaire des Acacias, 42 ave Lucien Servanty,  BLAGNAC      Tel: 05 61 71 24 02

Dr. Patrice Clarin
Centre Veterinaire Colibri, 53 blvd Vincent Auriol,  TOURNEFEUILLE            Tel: 05 61 86 22 32

Dr. Christine Pagès,  19 route de Léguevin,  PIBRAC                                    Tel: 05 61 86 06 34

Drs. Florence Rolland-Caillette and Fabrice Caillette, Clinique Veterinaire de la Grande Barthe, CORNEBARRIEU        Tel:  05 61 85 21 45

Animal Emergency Treatment or Surgery:

Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse
23 Chemin des Capelles, Toulouse,
Tel: 05 61 19 38 00
On call during normal working hours

A vet is on call every weekend and is listed in the newspaper ‘La Depêche’ under “de garde” just like doctors, dentists, and pharmacies.


French pets have identification tattoos in the ear or microchips.  This number is stored in a national computerized data bank for retrieval of lost animals. Ask your vet for more information.


If you become aware of animals in need, or are interested in the adoption of an animal, please contact Société Protectrice des Animaux (SPA),   Tel: 05 61 47 60 00 (www.spa-toulouse-refuge.com).


Toulouse Assistance Animaux,
Tel: 05 61 08 23 46
Département Des Services Vétérinaires
10 Chemin des Capelles, Toulouse,
Tel: 05 61 49 23 33


Reserve well in advance for dates during the popular vacation/holiday periods. Prices vary, so be sure to inquire at the time of making the reservation.

These are a few of the kennels available, but we can offer no recommendation.
More addresses can be found in the yellow pages, under “pensions pour chiens et chats”.

La Roudigue
Route d’Estantens, Muret,
Tel: 05 62 23 38 23/05 62 23 31 51

Chenil du Jagon
Route de Cadours, Grenade,
Tel: 05 61 82 77 83

Chenil la Bedouce
11410 Mezerville
Tel: 04 68 60 37 10

Chenil de Savignol
Chemin de Savignol, Castanet Tolosan,
Tel: 05 61 81 73 50